Our back office management services have helped businesses across various domains to increase their customer satisfaction. With our Back Office outsourcing solutions, enterprises can automate their operations as well as electronically manage and route their documents. We follow pre-defined business rules while routing documents in order to generate a quicker turn-around-time while ensuring the accuracy of their existing paper-based processes.

The following are the back office services that we offer at present:
Retail :

Sales support, Account management

Telecommunication :

Service Inquiries, Billing Support, Account Management, Complaint Management.

Leads Generation :

Businesses cannot function properly without good business leads that can generate desired revenue for the company. Further, these leads should be generated on a regular basis to keep the profits coming in continuously. We can generate qualified business leads for you through our quality based services where our contact center agents would call the potential customers and provide you a filtered data that would contain only the most genuine leads.